When are the next Celebrity Launchpad LIVE EVENTS?

CL21 June 18-21 Sunset Bronson Studios, Hollywood (Accepting Applications)

CL22 July 23-26 Sunset Bronson Studios, Hollywood (Accepting Applications)

CL23 Aug 13-16 Sunset Bronson Studios, Hollywood (Accepting Applications)

CL24 Sept 24-27 Sunset Bronson Studios, Hollywood (Accepting Applications)

CL25 Oct 29-Nov 1 CNN Center in Atlanta (4 seats remaining)


What is Celebrity Launchpad?

Celebrity Launchpad is the most sophisticated marketing program and personal transformation experience on the planet. Not only does it take you from ZERO to Hero on TV in 90 days, but it also provides you with unlimited amounts of THE BEST marketing videos money could never buy — genuine interviews on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & CW News & Talk shows where real Journalists, Reporters, Hosts, and News Anchors identify you as The Expert in your topic and soft-pitch you the questions we give them so that you can look like a superstar to your Clients and Prospects.

Is there a Guarantee?

This is a super-fun, super-exciting, 100% GUARANTEED life-changing 90-day transformation experience, where you start out knowing little or nothing about TV, and you finish 90 days later having BOOKED YOURSELF and APPEARED ON numerous Local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & CW TV News and Talk shows. This is very often a confidence-building, poise-enhancing, charisma-producing, personal-empowerment speaker-training and video performance workshop. Many graduates have told us this is unlike any “seminar” they’ve ever attended because the results are instantaneous, occurring right in the training room, right before your eyes, and are so impactful, both personally & professionally.

We GUARANTEE that if you are accepted into this training program you will be offered AT LEAST 2 ON-AIR Appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and/or CW News or Talk Shows, or we will gladly refund your entire investment + $500.00 Nobody has ever gone through our training without being offered at least 4 appearances. The average participant receives 8+ invitations to appear on REAL TV shows produced by the networks themselves. 


Who will be my Trainer or Coach at Celebrity Launchpad?

Clint Arthur, the world’s leading expert on creating Celebrity with LOCAL TV Interviews, will personally train you on how to think, talk, act, and look like The Top Expert in Your Field.

Is this a Marketing Program?

Some of the tangible results you will get from Celebrity Launchpad include TV Video Clips that you will have and use on your Website and in your Marketing forever. But beyond that, your Celebrity Launchpad is the beginning of your entirely new life as a Celebrity Expert in your Field or Topic, the beginning of your better, more fulfilled, more engaged, more highly-paid, more confident, better-looking, more respected & successful life.

What’s Included?

You will begin with Clint Arthur’s New TV Power ”Core Training,” including 3 hours of audios and 4 hours of videos, 100 Segment Proposals that have been booked by Clint’s “Magic Messengers” on TV shows across America, and Behind-The-Scenes videos of Clint’s and other Magic Messengers’ appearances on Local and National TV shows from Coast to Coast. This is the EXACT PROGRAM that took Magic Messenger Sandi Masori from Zero to TV Hero on the TODAY SHOW in only 12 weeks. And this is the exact same training that propelled Magic Messenger Veronica Grey through 38 local and national TV appearances until her Good Morning America debut on August 7, 2013.

You will also participate in 12 weekly webinars (every Wednesday from 5-8pm Pacific Time — don’t worry, they are all recorded, they are non-sequential, and they are all optional… but they are available to you if you want them — and you should, because they are…) where Clint Arthur reviews that week’s Magic Messenger appearances on TV to provide critiques and coaching which propels his students to greater and greater levels of mastery as TV Guest Experts. These clips by your Magic Messenger brothers and sisters will also familiarize you with the studios, hosts, and shows you will soon be appearing on/with.

Your 4-Day Celebrity Launchpad LIVE EVENT with Clint Arthur and a maximum of 15 other students transforms you with intense TRAINING on Clint Arthur’s Proven & Repeatable Formula for Getting on TV Any Time You Want for Free, Speech- and Performance Coaching, SEGMENT REHEARSAL, and PITCHING to AT LEAST 10 Producers from ABC NBC CBS FOX & CW News & Talk Shows across America.

When Will I Go On TV?

At the end of your Celebrity Launchpad weekend you will go home with confirmed INVITATIONS TO APPEAR on multiple Genuine ABC NBC CBS FOX & CW News & Talk Shows. (This is ensured by our World-Famous “Money-Back +$500 On-Air Guarantee” — EVERYONE in this training program goes ON-AIR. No Exceptions.)

What Will I Say or Do on TV, and How Do I Know that I’ll Look Good?

You will be rehearsed and FULLY PREPARED to LOOK LIKE A CELEBRITY SUPER-STAR when you go on the shows, and you will be READY to Share Your Message with The World, on The Most Powerful Medium on The Planet.


4pm – 5pm Registration
5pm – 8pm Training with Clint Arthur
8pm – 9pm Welcome & Networking Reception

Thursday & Friday
10am to 8pm – Training with Clint Arthur

10am to 12pm – Training with Clint Arthur
12pm to 8pm – Pitching to Producers
8:30pm Dinner with Clint Arthur & all your new Magic Messenger brothers and sisters at Clint’s favorite restaurant

10am to 12pm – Training with Clint Arthur
12pm to 6pm – Pitching to Producers
6pm to 8pm Final Marching Orders from Clint Arthur

Who Arranges the Bookings for Me to Appear on TV?

After your Celebrity Launchpad Live Event, you will communicate directly with the ABC NBC CBS FOX & CW News & Talk Show Producers who have invited you onto their shows, you will schedule your appearances to fit your calendar and life-schedule, and do your National TV Media Tour, usually in the ensuing  2 – 7 weeks.

Is there any Coaching or Training or interaction with Clint after the Live Event?

You will also show up with your “Video Clips” during Clint’s LIVE HD Video Webinars for his Critiques and suggestions. [Our training "Campus" actually includes REAL ABC NBC CBS FOX & CW News & Talk Shows -- how awesomely cool is that! Your school is ON-THE-AIR with real Anchors, Hosts, and Journalists asking you REAL QUESTIONS, and you giving REAL ANSWERS "LIVE!" N-o-t-h-i-n-g is simulated. Nothing is produced by us. Everything is REAL-WORLD, ON-AIR. It just so happens that 95% of the time they ask you the exact questions that Clint and You tell them to ask you, word for word, straight off the script that Clint prepares for you -- with your input and approval, after all, YOU are the expert.]

What are “Magic Messengers”?

When you book yourself on a TV show you become a “Magic Messenger” — This WILL be YOU by Saturday night of your live event.

How Will This Help My Career?

This is about YOU gaining the ultimate Expert Positioning as The Leading Authority in Your Topic, about YOU gaining a National Platform, and about YOU Promoting your Passion Projects on REAL Network News & Talk Shows all across America.



How Will This Help Me in my Personal Life?


Is this a Pitch-Fest like every other seminar in the world?

This is “The Anti-Pitch-Fest.” The only pitching is done by YOU, the Attendees, pitching Real ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & CW News & Talk show Producers to Book YOU on their shows.

I heard this includes FREE MARKETING VIDEOS — How do I get the Free Marketing Videos?

This is about YOU having FREE MARKETING VIDEOS Produced for you by the TOP TV Producers in America, with their Professional Journalists, Hosts, and News Anchors making you look good, and establishing you as The Top Person and Expert in Your Field. This is about YOU getting getting unlimited access to The Most Powerful Marketing Videos available on planet Earth.

My competition is big huge celebrities — how will this help me compete?

This is about YOU no longer settling for the crumbs left over by the top Celebrities in your category — because YOU will be the Leader. We can’t turn you into Tom Cruise, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, or Suze Orman overnight, but if you are determined and take action the way Clint teaches you to do, you can end up on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, CNN or any of the big national shows where the major celebrities promote themselves. Our students are doing it all the time. And you will too.

How Much Does Celebrity Launchpad Cost?

The investment in Celebrity Launchpad is either 5 installments of $1,999 or a single investment of $8,999. The value is far beyond PRICELESS; it’s the difference between success and failure, victory and defeat, survival or annihilation on the entrepreneurial battlefield. The real question you should be asking yourself is “What would it cost me — in terms of my relationships, self-esteem, standing in the community, family harmony — if I fail at what I’m doing in my career?”